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Unit 5

Unit 5

Exercise I. Read the following words paying special attention to correct
1. Unit 5-1
come, some, hum, plum, run, fun, none, done, double, cub, tub, hug, cut, but, up, us, fuss, luck, duck, hut, shut, cup, must, cuff

2. Unit 5-2
far. are. bar. car. par. mar. star. scar. spar. arm. farm. hard. card. barn. darn. large. starve. carve. charge. palm. calm. last. fast. class. carpet. part. party. tart. smart. art. cart. chart. mark

3. Unit 5-3
duck dark. buck bark, cut cart, lust last, bun barn, fun farm, hut heart, drum drama, cuff carve, hum harm, cup carp, up harp, shut sharp, motherfather

Exercise II. Read the following sense groups, mind the rhythm and intonation.

(a) Charles; hard on Charles; rather hard on Charles; Fathers rather hard on Charles.
(b) supper; a bun for supper; a buttered bun for supper; a crusty buttered bun for supper; a lovely crusty buttered bun for supper.

Exercise III. Transcribe and intone the following sentences. Practise reading them in pairs.

(a) Unit 5-2
1. Just my luck.
2. Pluck up your courage.
3. Does the bus run every other Monday?
4. My brother Russ made mothers cup run over.
5. After Sunday comes Monday.

(b) Unit 5-3
1. He who laughs last laughs longest.
2. One is nearer Gods heart in a garden.
3. Cold hands, warm heart.
4. Part and parcel.
5. Barbara Barton is art and part of the party.
6. Cars cant be parked here after dark.
7. Aunt Martha lives near Marble Arch.
8. Margaret and Charles are dancing in the garden under the stars.

() Unit 5-4
1. Charles puts some mustard in his mothers custard.
2. Charles brother wonders why father doesnt love his other son.
3. Margaret loves Charles, Charles loves Marcia.

Exercise IV. Read the tongue twister and learn it.

I wonder why my cousin doesnt have a proper cup of coffee in a prop
er coffee cup.

Exercise V. Read the dialogues, mark the stresses and tunes. Learn them. Act out the dialogues.

1. I Love You

Russ: Honey, why are you so sad? (Janet says nothing)
Russ: Honey, why are you so unhappy? I dont understand.
Janet: You dont love me, Russ!
Russ: But, honey, I love you very much.
Janet: Thats untrue. You love my cousin, Sunny. You think shes lovely and Im ugly.
Russ: Janet, just once last month I took Sunny out for lunch. You mustnt worry. I like your company much better than Sunnys.
Janet: Oh, shut up, Russ.
Russ: But, honey, I think youre wonderful. You mustnt
Janet: Oh, shut up!

2. At a Party

Margaret: Wheres your glass, Barbara?
Barbara: Its on the bar.
Martin: Barbara! Margaret! Come into the garden! Martha and Charles are dancing in the dark.
Margaret: In the garden? What a laugh!
Barbara: So they are! Theyre dancing on the grass!
Margaret: Theyre dancing under the stars!
Martin: And Arnolds playing his guitar.
Barbara: Doesnt Martha look smart!
Margaret: Look at Charles! What a marvellous dancer!
Barbara: Ah! Lets take a photograph of Martha and Charles.
Martin: We cant. Its too dark.

3. Making a Pass at Martha

Charlie: The dance doesnt start till half past, Martha. Lets park the car under the arch by Farmer Palmers barn. Its not far. Ah, here we are. Theres the farm cart.
Martha: Ooh, Charlie, its dark!
Charlie: The stars are sparkling. My heart is enchanted. Martha you are marvellous!
Martha: Your fathers cars draughty, Charlie. Pass me my scarf.
Charlie: Rather let me clasp you in my arms, Martha, my darling.
Martha: Ah, Charlie! Your moustache is all nasty and sharp. I cant help laughing. Arent you starved? Here, have half a Mars Bar. Ssh! Theres a car passing.
Charlie: Keep calm, cant you? Its only Sergent Barker. He plays darts in the bar of the Star and Garter. Martha darling
Martha: Dont be daft, Charlie! You cant start making a pass till after the dance!

Exercise VI. Read the rhymes and learn them.

Hiccup, snickup,
Rise up, right up,
Three drops in a cup,
Are good for the hiccup.

There was a young lady of Parma,
Whose conduct grew calmer and calmer,
When they said, Are you dumb?
She merely said, Hum!
That provoking young lady of Parma.

There was an old man in a garden,
Who always begged every ones pardon,
When they asked him, What for?,
He replied, You are a bore!
And I trust youll go out of my garden.

Exercise VII. Transcribe the proverbs and learn them.

1. As snug as a bug in a rug.
2. Grasp all, lose all.
3. He laughs best who laughs last.
4. Well begun is half done.
5. Well done, soon done.
6. The highest art is artlessness.
7. Every country has its customs.
8. Dont trouble trouble until trouble troubles you.
9. A wonder lasts but nine days.
10. Whats done cannot be undone.
11. Winters thunder is summers wonder.